Webinar: Modern Scientific Publishing

Colper Science is proud to present our first podcast episode. Our first episode is the audio version of the webinar we presented live the 2nd of May at École Polytechnique Montréal.

The webinar was an introduction to a novel peer-reviewed and open access publishing system which provides a discussion platform to trigger critical thinking and intellectual exchange among researchers and also non-academics. It aims to improve the quality and reproducibility of research articles, facilitate scientific exchange, and build a bridge between the general public and peer-reviewed scientific content.

You can listen to the audio version on this webpage, and while you're at it, use this opportunity to subscribe to our podcast's RSS feed here.

The Colper Science podcast will mainly be about Open Science, each episode will feature someone connected to the open science world. We intend to discover with you different aspects of the open science world.

The YouTube video:

The intro song credit: Lobo Loco - Crumpet River A (ID 519)- www.musikbrause.de

Join us next month for the next episode !