Free software and science : Why software licences matter for scientists

In this episode we interviewed David Brassard and Patrick Diehl about the importance of software licences for the scientific community. Patrick was also part of episode 3 which was also about open source software in research. In this episode, Patrick and Ilyass are hosting the conversation which is more focused about licenses in software, the difference between open source and free (or libre) software and their impacts on a researcher's work. David is a PhD student at Polytechnique Montreal, his work is focused on chemical engineering and material sciences but he is also very interested in open source and free software.

David actually contacted the Colper Science team following episode 3 to provide remarks and comments about the episode's content. Since David seemed pretty knowledgeable about the subject, we decided to invite him do a follow-up episode with us.

David helped us to understand the difference between libre or free software and open source software. We then talked about which among them is the most interesting for a researcher and why.
In the second part, we focused on licenses and their consequences on our work. We all constantly agree to license agreements when installing software or creating accounts for online services, David and Patrick will explain how these license agreements can sometimes be an issue for a researcher's work. We then explored different kind of licenses allowing a researcher to keep any code he might have developed free.