Open data sharing with Clara Landler from the

In this episode, Patrick Diehl interviewed Clara Landler, the program manager at the Open Data Portal Austria platform. The Open Data Portal is an initiative which provides a website for people to look for open data sets. The platform features data from companies mostly.

We first started this episode with an introduction to the Open Data for Experimental Mechanics project (ODEM). This episode is a cooperation between Colper Science and ODEM. ODEM aims at exploring the usage of open data in the field of Experimental Mechanics and Materials. During the last 4 months, the project investigated the issues and limitations related to open data sharing through interviews and meetings with individuals involved in open data. We are trying to determine which service or product could be developed to improve open data sharing in the experimental materials and mechanics field. The introduction of this project at the beginning of the episode helps to better grasp the issues related to open data sharing.

The interview with Clara then starts. Clara explains the challenges associated with the management of an open data platform, the challenges regarding open data itself, and open data for companies. The interview with Clara provided several insights regarding the usefulness of new open data sharing platform and the current issues related to already existing platform. The Open Data Portal AT has been around for more than 3 years now, which provides us with an interesting case to analyze. Clara explained that there already are open data sharing platform, but that the lack of knowledge around open data itself is usually a stop for several companies. There is, clearly, a need to explain more what open data is and how this method can be beneficial for the company sharing their data.
Clara showed us how it might actually be more relevant for anyone interested in open data to work on services around existing platforms which would improve their usability and make them more relevant.