Citizen Science to explore massive data related to galaxies with Kevin Schawinski

Dear listeners, welcome to season 2!

In the first episode of this season, we interviewed Kevin Schawinski, assistant professor at ETH Zurich and co-founder of the Galaxy Zoo project. The Galaxy Zoo project is a citizen science project that allows any individual to help classify galaxies. The project started in 2007 when Kevin was supposed to classify millions of galaxies (based on their shape mostly) by himself. The task appeared impossible and, at the time, it seemed hard to use a computer to automatically perform classifications.
That is how the first version of the Galaxy Zoo project started.
Instead of classifying them himself, Kevin helped prepare the data in such a way that anyone could perform classifications, the data was then put on the website and ... the team received more than 70 000 classifications per hour during the first day! During the first year, more than 50 million classifications were proposed by more than a 150 000 individuals! The project was a success and it has been running since then. The classified data from Galaxy Zoo has been used for more than 50 publications so far.

For this episode, Dr. Rachel Harding, from Episode 05 - Lab scribbles, helped us interview Kevin, it is something we will try to do again during future episodes to have different kinds of questions and perspectives (and accents!). So if you fill like interviewing fellow researchers about Open Science, please let us know, we would be glad to have you participate in an interview with us :)

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The intro song: "Every Waking Hour" by Robin Grey.