Zenodo: Pioneering Open access and Open data by hosting the world's research

In this episode we interviewed Krzysztof Nowak, developer for Zenodo. We have talked about Zenodo in our 5th episode Lab Scribbles: Real-time open access science during an interview with Dr. Rachel Harding. Zenodo is a platform funded by CERN and OpenAire. Its purpose is to host experimental and research data, primarily from CERN projects but Zenodo actually welcomes all kinds of datasets, codes, presentations and documents without discrimination. Zenodo is also designed to be able to host large datasets as the maximum upload size is 50Gb, which should be enough for most projects, but if your data is larger than 50Gb, you can always contact Zenodo to have this limit extended.

Another critical service offered by Zenodo is the attribution of a DOI to any kind of file(s) uploaded on their platform. This service opens new possibilities for developers and researchers as it allows them to make any kind of information citable, thanks to the DOI, and protected by a license they choose, before even publishing in a journal paper.

During this interview with Krzysztof, we first started by exploring the history of Zenodo, how it all began, and the challenges Zenodo met during its evolution. We then talked about Zenodo today: number of users, amount of datasets, kind of datasets, most dominant fields of study, etc.
We also discussed the links between Zenodo, its values and the Open Science methodology. Finally, we finished the interview by talking about futures plans and challenges for Zenodo, and asked Krzysztof to share with us his favorite dataset from Zenodo.