Open access publishing platform using the blockchain technology with Kade Morton

In this episode, we interviewed Kade Morton, the founder of Aletheia, to learn more about the project. Aletheia is a decentralised open access publishing platform for scientific research, the project aims at fixing several issues with the current publishing system in research by introducing a new technology, decentralization through a blockchain network, to the publishing field.

After introducing himself, Kade explained what blockchain and decentralization are and how Aletheia platform aims to implement these technologies in their open source publishing platform.
Kade also explained how he came to work on such a project: after watching the famous documentary about Aaron Swartz online, Kade felt inspired to start developing the Aletheia project. So far, there are three people working on Aletheia as the core team: Kade Morton (co-founder), Roo (developer/co-founder), Lisa Matthias (social media manager). It is an open source project and the team is currently looking for volunteers in different fields such as developers, web designers, etc. If you'd like to contribute, please find their contact information are below.

Bonus: Praxis
Aletheia Contact Information:

Twitter: @aletheia_f

Highly recommended by Kade, Kambiz and Ilyass, please take some time to watch the Aaron Swartz Documentary Movie, FREE